Our company, started in 2001 specializes in Embedded systems, VLSI and System level design. Taking into account technology-leadership and value effectiveness, we develop products to serve the intriguing requirements of Defence, Space, Atomic energy and Industrial sectors. Vrinda has started working with different government institutions to provide solutions in the areas of railways, agriculture and earth sciences.

We understand the needs of a competitive marketplace and develop solutions that are uniquely suited to them with our core strength focussed in design, development and manufacturing. We create a professional environment with a platform to work on high-end technical challenges.

Vrinda is contributing to Samudhrika, Himraj, Rustom-II and various other Electronic Warfair Systems.

  • Vrinda R&D Unit has been Recognized by DSIR.
  • Vrinda is working on the latest P4080 (eight core processor) and Xilinx Virtex7 FPGA based multiple boards.
  • BEL has identified Vrinda as a Design Service Provider for BEL in the technology areas of Embedded Design.
  • Vrinda is working on VLF Processing Board and patron.